Saturday, February 16, 2013

How a white paper is handled in Sweden

My Swedish friend told me that a white paper in Sweden is handled in the following way:

1. They government sets the terms of reference and get a committee of experts (technocrats) to carry out research and prepare a "yellow paper"
2. The yellow paper is released for public comments. Individuals, businesses and organizations can submit their views. it could attract 50 to 100 views.
3. The committee summarizes the views and present them to the government.
4. The government decides on the law to be passed, after studying the comments, and submit them to Parliament to debate and pass approve the proposed laws.
5. This process is well received, as the public has the chance to give their views, which are considered by the Government and Parliament.

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Sobri said...

Oh No! Now the PM will promise the Swedish standard of living in 10 years time, while we are still waiting for the proimised Swiss standard of living!

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