Monday, February 11, 2013

Is nursing a low skilled job?

The Government described nursing as a low skilled job in the Population White Paper and had to issue an apology to the nursing profession. 

Even so, the manner of their apology was done in a clumsy way, with a statement from the Chief Nursing Officer. Why was she giving the apology on behalf of the Government, when she was probably not responsible for the bad statement?

This is not just a careless mistake, as the problem is more deep rooted. In the mindset of the elitist leaders, there are people who are talents, and others who are non-talents; there are people who are low skilled and others who are high skilled.

When a leader has this kind of mindset, they are bound to offend other people who they deem as non-talents, low-skilled or "lesser mortals".

What kind of leaders do we have, that show bad example for others to follow?

A better approach is to show respect for all types of useful work, including nurses, cleaners, construction workers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, plumbers and others.

We also need to pay people adequately for their work, enough for them to afford the cost of housing and the cost of living, and to raise a family. And they should also enjoy decent terms of employment, without having to work long hours in the fear of losing their jobs.

We need a government comprising of leaders with the decency to treat other people with respect, dignity and fairness.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Well, Mr Tan, the word "decency" like "honesty ", "fairness" seem foreign to our current batch of political leaders.

Growth, GDP and wealth are about all that matter to them, no?

The PM is not far off the mark when he lamanted that the White Paper could have been better presented.

Kooli said...

What is the saying of Singapore Pledge?

Kooli said...

'This is not just a careless mistake..'

The leader value a profession from high to low. The highest rank is Minister. Nurse is low, social worker is low, sociologist is low...

Population is basically a social issue. The leader defined it as a political issue. Other see it as fire add to fuel. How to U-turn?

Spur said...

True thoughts of elites "accidentally" revealed.

yujuan said...

Expect the bungling Minister to say sheepishly, "It's an honest mistake."

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