Sunday, February 03, 2013

Be prudent in buying life insurance

Understand what needs to be insured and what can be left uninsured

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zhummmeng said...

When direct insurance is introduced it is best to consult an adviser and pay a small fee and then buy direct to save lots of money..Howe much saving?
Example.. total premium paid as commission to agents for a wholelife or limited payment WL is 130% to 160%. Assuming the lower end, you might save up to nett 120% of the premium.
If the annual premium is $2400 the saving is 120% x $2400 which is $2880. Is this a lot? This money would have gone to insurance agents for NOTHING except some limited or half truth product information which you can get when you buy direct.
Before saying "Yes' to a product pitching agent always seek second opinion from qualified or competent advisers. EG, can consult FISCA first for a small fee before buying direct.
Remember , always seek second opinion if you are accosted by insurance salesmen to buy products at the roadshow or cold call or whatever.
For consumers with existing agent also seek second opinion when your agent calls to pitch a so called NEW product with NEW features and benefits. It serves you well to be cautious.
Insurance agents always call to 'review' your insurance policies. Don't be conned. What do they know about review? "Review" to insurance agents means 'to try to sell you a product, new or top up'. This is absolutely rubbish. Again learn to say no. If you feel you really need a review of your insurance consult a competent adviser from FISCA or anyone you know who is really qualified and honest...but please pay a small fee.. Good advice doesn't come free. Free so called 'advice' only comes from insurance salesmen.
Please treat buying life insurance like you are buying a home or planning for a year end vacation to an overseas place. Take your time; research; ask an expert; etc etc and not meeting the first stranger at the roadshow, nice looking or pretty or kind or helpful etc and trust him or her immediately and buy from them. While these traits are good they are not useful when it comes to life insurance consultation.
Conmen use trust to con their victims, right? Insurance agents who are kind, sincere, friendly, caring and helpful BUT WITHOUT COMPETENCE are dishonest conman.

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