Saturday, February 09, 2013

Stressful experience on getting a refund

This consumer was "cheated" by a forex trainer into paying a large fee for a course that he did not attend and had a difficult time to get a refund of the fees. He shared this story to warn other people to avoid falling into the same trap.


Tom Jones said...

It would be better if the name of the forex trainer was given, instead of just Mr X, if the objective of this sharing session was to inform readers of this person. After all, there are many Mr Xs who advertise forex trainings in the local papers.
If it is a statement of the facts, as already ascertained by the Small Claims Tribunal, you do not have to worry about any legal repercussions.

Otherwise, it does not serve any purpose - just a cautionary tale of forex trainers? How can we guard against such persons if they are not named?

Kimi said...

Hi Tom

I think the most important thing is to recognize that this type of Forex trainer will lead you to nowhere eventually regardless of the real name of Mr.X, they just want to suck your school fee. Student will waste a lot money if he/she keeps on looking for the right Mr.X. If the trainer's strategy is so powerful, what makes him to sell to anyone at $4/5K. If a 2 days short course can lead us to financial freedom likes what the trainer claimed , I think there will be no poor people in this world

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