Monday, February 04, 2013

Referendum on Population White Paper

This is the proposed home page of the Petition calling on the Government to call a Referendum on the Population White Paper. May I have your views?


Weng Mao Fa said...

This is too late!

We have come to a situation where foreigner serves foreigner on the red dot. No U-turn. For instance:

A China professional and his family working here. The young family stay in a HDB flat. They brought in their parent or parent-in-law to take care their babies. They take a bus where the captain is a Chinese national. On weekend, they have family dinner at a restaurant runing buy a China businessman. They have lunch at a coffee shop owned by Chinese national. Their babies attend a child care center where both China and India teacher are there. When parent or parent-in-law fall sick, they consult a South-India doctor or Malaysia doctor at KTPH. If hospitalised, a philipine nurse will take care them at the ward. If rehab is required, a Myanmar nurse at AMK Community Hospital will serve the patient. If passed away, a China monk will pray for the dead !

Weng Mao Fa said...

At my HDB neighbourhood, we have many 'roti-prata'vendors in various coffee shops. They make nice roti-prata. They can not even speak English! But, their price is affordable for lower-income group especially foreign worker from india/Bangladesh. If you stop these low skill roti-prata men to prepare meals for foreign worker, is that a problem?

Weng Mao Fa said...

My India neighbour who is SG citizen and retired. Recently, his wife passed away. This lonely old man brought in his girl friend and family member from South India.
Now, two families are happy on the red dot. The society does not need to take care the lonely old man. Can you stop them from re-start a new cycle of life?

Lye Khuen Way said...

Will it be a simple yes or no or will there be acceptance of certain terms ?

I certainly do not buy the need to increase the population by immigration because of low TFR.

I do agree that the low TFR need to be boost. Not by immigration, but by supportive policies for couples to have affordable public housing, jobs that pay reasonably,childcare that are heavily subsidised. We can afford it cannot afford not to do so.

hhw said...

Various foreign chambers of commerce and also the SBF have voiced their concers against "tighter curbs on foriegn labour".

Actually all the government have done was to reduce the rate of increase of the the number of foreigners in Singapore. (the previous sentence does not have a typo-error!).
The government is NOT reducing the number foreigners in Singapore.
It is NOT EVEN keeping the number of foreigners in Singapore constant.
All it is doing at the moment is to reduce the rate of increase of foreigners in Singapore.

What Singaporeans want is for Singapore's population to keep steady; with economic growth fueled by productivity improvement.
Foreigners can be let in to replace the short-fall due to our low fertility rate. The net result of this should be that the total population DO NOT GROW!

The population white paper is now being sold as being on a tragectory of lower population growth that the current tragectory.
My goodness! It really is little comfort to know that the white paper proposes a better way that the disaster that is the present TRAGICTORY!

yujuan said...

Why we need a Referentum on this White Paper?
In the West, the President or the PM has a group of Advisors, many staffed with renowned Academicians who conduct and do research papers, then advise their boss on a proposed Policy before tabling out in Parliament/Senate for debate.
Over here in Singapore, PM Lee's advisors are his MPs from the Army/Trade unions/Doctors/ex Corporate heads, who have no experience in sculpting Policies, that's why so many Policies fail, the Ministers think they are little Goh Keng Swees who could wave the same magic wand as the revered Goh.
To better gauge whether a controversial Policy like the White Paper could work, why dun the Govt tap on the expertise and advice of our own Academicians from our own Universities, instead of sticking to its arrogant belief that they know best, or take a gambling chance that things would work out in the end, and if wrong have some tweaks here and there to cover hole temporarily.
The present PAP Govt is just not as alec smart as the previous generation, and they refuse to admit it.
When our revered octogenarian LKY is still alive, when he passes on, Singapore would be in real danger.
So we really need a Referentum this time round, can't let a small group of people to dictate fate of the Nation.

Weng Mao Fa said...

If China maintain political stability with econ restructue for the next 5 years, China may achieve full employment in by 2030.
Chinese national will not work in Singapore - not attractive to them.

India may acheive near full employment soonest, Singapore will not be attractive.

Thailand unemployment rate is below 1% now. Do you find any more Thai farmer cutting grass on this Island now? Can you find any more Thai construction worker working here now? Singapore is not attractive to Thais ! Instead, Thais super-rich buy over F&N.....
Sometimelater, India and China superrich will buy over Temesek!! The superrich will tell you how much population or foreign workforce they want.

michael13 said...

"Referendum on Free Press" is far more important than "Referendum on Population White Paper".

For low birth rate in Singapore, there are multi factors that lead to the worsening situation we are now facing. It's best that we seek more inputs and advices from the population experts in this field. The PAP politicians do not have to impress us so anxiously and to further anger the sensible Singaporeans unnecessarily. All mature Singaporeans are fully aware that the PAP government can't even handle the problematic situation of population of 5.3 million now. Why do we want to talk about 6.9 million by 2030? Learn to walk first before we try to run - the common sense approach to run a country.

Unknown said...

I like the Population White Paper, it has not referenced any research outside of it's own and yet it has caused so many MPs to support it. It shows how shallow our politicians are. No wonder LKY thinks Singaporeans are "daft". We indeed are! We have voted them in! All these only signals that the Ang Mo Kio GRC, Sembawang GRC, Punggol Pasir Ris GRC are all ripe for harvesting in 2016.

I'm watching it closely.

Weng Mao Fa said...

My female neighbour who is a Chinese vegetarian married with an Afican. They have 1 mandarin speaking girl and 1 boy look like Obama!

Another SG India girl married with a North-Indian. They stay opposite my house 2 years ago.

Q: SG girl import foreigner to start a family. Why blame them?

B Tiger said...

Mr Tan thank you for starting the petition. To your readers. Before 1968 Britain - the great post-war democracy of the western world, had a distinctly English culture. When that was eroded by "immigration unparalleled in British history" resulting in a "massive" projected 10% population of immigrants by 2000, hell broke loose. Accusations of "madness", "lighting our own funeral pyre" were thrown at the government. Since t1968 the recent London bombings and recurrent race riots proved the case.

What happened after 1968 in Britain is of relevance to us in Singapore with a projected increase to 50% (that's FIFTY) population of foreigners. History is a valuable teacher. We must not accept what the government says without questioning and live to regret later. No one will be accountable in 2030 as the perpetrators will not be around then. Educate yourselves. Put aside an hour and watch:

Falcon said...

My goodness. There is much similarity in the video of old Britain and present Singapore that I recommend all Singaporeans and especially all our ministers and mps to view it to avoid the mistakes made by being politically correct to protect their own jobs at the expense of our country

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