Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Can I claim for sudden loss of hearing under an accident policy?

Dear Mr. Tan, 
Lately, I am suffering from "Sudden Hearing Loss" and I was told by my specialist that there is 1/3 of the chance that the situation will not be recovered. Now, my left ear can barely hear - and there is an ongoing buzzing sound there. 
Can I make a claim under my QBE accidental plan - which stated 25% of the sum assure for one ear hearing loss? I am not sure whether this is conside
r accident in the insurance term, but certainly it is an accident for me .... just come in sudden and when I am working in the office. 
An accident policy usually defines an accident as being "unexpected, forceful, external" and usually excludes impairment due to natural causes. 
From your description, your loss of hearing is likely to be caused by natural causes and not by accident. This claim is not likely to succeed. 
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