Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How is progress towards the National Authentication Framework?

22 June 2013 

Editor, Forum Page
Straits Times

According to the website of the Infocomm Development Authority, the 
National Authentication Framework (NAF) seeks to provide a secure and trusted 
enabling infrastructure for delivery of online services by the public and private 

It will allow consumers to enjoy the convenience of using a single 
authentication device to access multiple online services.
The NAF was targeted to be ready by 2015. How is the progress toward 
achieving this goal?

Instead of using a single device, I now carry three separate devices issued by 
my bank for my personal and corporate accounts. The bank insisted on issuing 
separate devices to me, even though I am the same person who has the 
signing authority.

The bank has also changed their devices a few times.  Its latest devices 
for their personal and corporate accounts have many functions and are quite 
complicated to use.

I am also appalled at the heavy cost of issuing so many tokens, including 
replacements. This must ultimately be borne by consumers.

I understand that my bank has no plans to allow its device to be used its customers 
for authentication to other online services, This is against the goal of the 
I am aware that online banking may require another level of security to prevent 
hacking, but this could be done using some other means, instead of 
building it into an authentication device. 

May I seek the views of the Monetary Authority of Singapore on this matter? Are
they encouraging the banks to adopt the framework or to go their own way?

Tan Kin Lian

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