Wednesday, January 01, 2014

One response to PM Lee's message for 2014

Here is a response to PM Lee's message for 2014

From Cass
1. So after all that discourse on the Population White Paper, what is the government’s stand on this issue? Are you going ahead with your plan?
2. Is Ilo Ilo the government’s effort? Don’t take credit for something that took no effort on your part.
3. Has being ranked in top 3 in PISA helped closed the gap between the high achieves and low achieving students? If not, PISA can only be put down to a regimented education successfully fuelled by expensive tuition to achieve high scores in regurgitation.
Also, many Singaporean graduates are either losing their jobs or cannot find jobs. Is our high PISA ranking translating into employable skills for our children?
5.What are your specific actions and what are the measurable outcomes to your promises? Words are cheap.
The Singapore spirit burns bright not because of the anything the government has done rather, it’s because of Singaporeans who are passionate for their own people and country who step forward to help another worse off Singaporeans. Did the government help the family that had to sell their HDB flat to pay for a father’s kidney dialysis? Did the government cover the medical costs of the young girl needs urgent surgery so she won’t go blind? Did the government help the single mother get into her own HDB flat so she and her children don’t have to sleep in the streets? Did they government give a scholarship to the orphaned teenage boy so he can continue his studies instead of dropping our of school to support his younger school-going siblings?
6. Did the government step in to stop runaway cost of living? Did it come down hard on companies that discriminate against Singaporeans in their hiring practice? Did it give a job to the many jobless PMETs instead of putting foreigners in civil services? Did it stop depressing wages for Singaporeans?
Instead of seeing Swiss standard of living, we are going back to theirs world status with unreliable transport system, unaffordable healthcare and overcrowdedness. All these are thanks to PAP’s continuing failed policies!

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yujuan said...

Holy God, the extent PM could step on the shoulders of citizens to claim credit for himself is unbelievable.
Claiming rewards for work done by others, and he thinks it's cool.

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