Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Drop in standards for Singapore Airlines

I spoke to a stewardess who has worked in Singapore Airlines for nearly 40 years and is due for retirement. She flew for many years to wear a purple uniform and was grounded to take up a lounge position during the later years.

Me: Has a quality of service of Singapore Airlines dropped over the years?
She: Definitely.
Me; What is the reason?
She: The younger cabin crew has a short term goal, to fly for a few years, visit places around the world, and then move to another career. They do not see a long term career in the airline.
Me: Is this phenomena affecting all airlines, or does Singapore Airlines fare worse than other airlines?
She: I think it affects Singapore Airlines more.
Me: Has the attitude of the workers changed over the years, compared to the old days?
She: Yes, younger workers are less committed.
Me: Could it be due to the change in the company policy also? In the old days, the company invest in the workers and give them prospect for a long term career. Today, the company is more short term minded. This attitude must affect the workers who also respond in a similar fashion.
She (after reflecting for a while): I think you are right. I did not think about it from this angle before.


Anonymous said...

Standards have dropped for many things in Singapore. SingPost, SingTel, HDB, StarHub, SMRT, you name it, all standards dropped. Can anyone name a major organization here that standards have risen?

Anonymous said...

PAP's standard increased! So good in collecting ERP, cpf, tax, and sue people.

Anonymous said...

Ah long bank....service to your door steps.

Anonymous said...

so..why did companies (not just SIA) become more short term minded?

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