Friday, July 10, 2015

Ridiculous process adopted by DBS Bank

Each time I make an Internet payment using DBS Ideal 3 for corporate banking, I am reminded about the ridiculous process and wasteful practices adopted by many organizations in Singapore.

I have to go through many steps to login into my bank account - company code, user code, user PIN, security token password, code '1" and security token key.

When I make a payment, I have to approve it. The bank sends a "challenge" by SMS to my mobile phone. I have to convert the challenge to another number using their security token - enter the security password, code '3', enter the challenge and retrieve the converted number to enter into the DBS website.

If they allow me to enter the "challenge" directly without converting it into another number, I don't mind. But they insist on imposing the maximum hassle for their customers - for the dubious purpose of "enhanced security".

It is fashionable for Singaporeans to get for maximum security and zero defect without regard to cost and inconvenience. They are proud of this mindset. But, tell you what. The head of DBS information strategy is not from Singapore. He came from India. This type of "foreign talent" fits well in the Singapore environment.

I have to go through this ridiculous process for all payments, regardless of amount. This is time wasteful and totally unnecessary.

I have raised this ridiculous process with DBS several times over the past years. They don't care. They stop acknowledging my feedback. I am sure that DBS is extremely proud of their ridiculous token. It is shown here.


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan

Can you switch to other service provider with the knowledge you gain from this bad experience?

I cancelled my DBS account once it made a serious mistake which inconvenient me and never look back.

Kin Lian Tan said...

It is too troublesome to change a bank account. There are many GIRO payments. MAS also have troublesome procedures on vetting for money laundering and terrorism. These procedures are stupid for long time customers, but MAS does not make any distinction.

I prefer to stay with DBS and shame them now and then with their stupid processes.

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