Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Similarity between the politics in Greece and in Singapoe

There is a parallel between the politics in Greece and Singapore. The Greek government and the people are struggling against the austerity program and the harsh conditions imposed by the creditors. These are the government and the financial institutions of the richer countries in Europe.

The Greek people finally voted in a new government that comprised of the leftist coalition, the Syriza. They wanted change and to get out of the old social and economic conditions that did not offer a solution to the problems faced by the people.

I see a parallel with the politics in Singapore. The people find life to be difficult, with a high cost of living, and also wanted a change to a new economic and social order. The ruling party controls the funds and power and has a strong vested interest to maintain the status quo. They are like the creditor nations of Europe. The new Greek government is like the alternative parties in Singapore that has to win over the support of the people.

Will the people in Singapore have the courage to vote for the alternative parties and to face the uncertainty ahead to get the change that they wanted and needed?

It is interesting to watch what happened to Greece during the next two weeks.

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Anonymous said...

There is no other credible party other than the PAP. It will be disastrous for Singapore if it is operated like the Aljunied town council.It will become like Greece if Singapore falls into the hands of the other parties. Don't be a foolish.. A country depending on handouts will go to the dogs eventually.

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