Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lawyer willing to handle a case on a contingency fee

Dear Mr. Tan,

I shall be very happy if you can kindly help me the following.

Names of ' No win no fees " lawyers in Singapore. This is extremely important to me. I need them very BADLY.I have no money to hire lawyers, but in case I have to hire lawyers, Kindly tell me how to avoid getting high cost of lawyer's fees.

I have deposits in a bank in Singapore. Not long ago I need money, so I wrote to the bank saying that I wish to withdraw my deposits soon. The bank said that I had withdrawn the money. It is 15 years now therefore, they have destroyed all the paper works. However, my passport can proved that I was not in Singapore on the date the money was withdrawn. In the light of this, I need a good lawyer (no win no fees) to fight for me in order to get the money back soonest possible.--- May I know if the lawyer win the case, normally how do they charge me.

I am not able to find such a lawyer for you. I don't think they will want to spend time without being paid their hourly rate.

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Bai Hu said...

Even though he can proof that he was not in Singapore during the period when the money was withdrawn, it doesn't proof that he was not the one who took the money out. As long as he gave his password and IB device to someone he knows, that person could also withdraw the money for him.

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