Friday, July 24, 2015

Yunnan Hair Treatment

I went to my regular barber in Bishan North. I had been frequently the shop for two years.

I was served by a young man for the first time. He was quite talkative. He asked if I was a regular customer. I replied "yes".

While cutting my hair, he said that I had been using a cream that made my hair oily. It is causing the hair to drop. I should take care of my hair. He asked for the type of shampoo that I was using and told me to avoid certain types. He advised me to take a treatment to protect  my hair.

I knew that he was telling lies or just engaging in "sales talk". I had not been using any hair oil for the past week. My hair is in quite good condition for my age, compared to many people who are almost bald.

Out of politeness, I asked him to tell me what is the treatment and how much does it cost, and how long does it take. The package comprises of 8 treatments cost a total of $600. It can be taken over 4 to 6 months.

He showed me a folder with some printed pages to show the different types of packages and explain their benefit. They use a special product from Yunnan that was found to be very successful.

Although he had completed my hair cut, he did not remove the covering. He kept me in a "captive" position to listen to his sales talk. He showed me the photos of a customer who had a successful treatment.

I politely removed the covering myself, thanked him, paid the haircut fee and leave the shop. This will be the last time that I am visit this barber shop.

I avoid this type of sales technique - which usually comprise of vague and verbal promises of what are the benefits of the product. The price is usually non-transparent and greatly over-priced.

This is how many insurance agents sell their bad life insurance policies. It is also how the spas sell their packages. There is usually a purported discount over an over-priced treatment.

Consumers should learn to identify all types of sales that are made in this manner and learn how to avoid them.


Anonymous said...

Any difference is this barber from insurance agent? LIES N LIES N LIES!!!!!You should be a good mystery shopper for MAS to trap insurance agents.

Anonymous said...

This Anonymous must be an insurance agent. That is why he is not happy with your story.

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