Friday, July 24, 2015

Reasons to introduce a minimum wage in Singapore

Mr. Tan
I have read your previous articles about a minimum wage. You have given several reasons why a minimum wage is necessary but they tend to be economic arguments.

Are you able to write a more complete presentation to argue the case for a minimum wage? This is important for many people who are caught in the low wage trap, having to compete with foreigners.

I am above 50, and now face this situation.

It is important for many people to know why many countries implement a minimum wage, and Singapore still avoids it.

Although many young workers are not affected by low wage now, they may face it in the future. Their parents are probably facing the issue.

We should understand the issue and give our voice in support of a minimum wage.

You asked me to write a longer "presentation". I cannot find the time to do it, but I like to recommend you to this PDF book, which cost only $2. It takes only half an hour to read. It will help you to understand the issue better.

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