Friday, August 21, 2015

Do not allow your future to be destroyed by a careless mistake

Many young people were misled into buying the wrong life insurance policy. Their future savings are destroyed by a careless decision. This can be avoided if they only some some time to learn the fundamentals.


Anonymous said...

To protect your future do not buy any insurance from insurance agents, buy direct but before buying go to to select your insurance and insurer.
Save and invest in ETFs using a regular saving plan and NOT endowment. All those cash back endowment products are scam.

Anonymous said...

Avoid the mistakes by not buying from insurance agents.
You can learn about life insurance by spending some time by visiting some websites , eg like Mr Tan's,,, Moneysense, Institute of financial literacy etc etc.
Another protection for you is....never , never, NEVER buy endowment products from any insurance companies. They all border on scam.
Did you know it is better to buy those retail bonds recently launched? Singapore saving Bond is another good buy for those who are risk averse and it is better than endowments in many ways, eg..higher return than endowments...risk liquidity risk..flexible.
Take some time and trouble to 'research' just like you spend time to find the best buy for your vacation holidays,handphones, computers etc etc. Why spend so much time on these things and not on life insurance and saving products which are so much important than them???? why?
Another protection against the insurance agents is ALWAYS SEEK SECOND OPINION FROM THE RIGHT SOURCE AND RIGHT PEOPLE , eg Mr. Tan's.
Are you so forgetfool?

Anonymous said...

I am very glad that I got my first insurance, Living Policy (CB), when I was young and knew nothing about insurance.
My insurance agent highlighted the low cost of NTUC policies.
If I were born years later, and have to buy insurance policy now, I would have made the same mistakes that all other young people are making today.
Sad to see NTUC change from being a policyholder focus company to profit focus company.

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