Saturday, August 22, 2015

Is it safe to walk into a bank?

If you walk into a bank in Singapore, you will probably feel that it is a safe place.
You may not realize that you can be robbed in broad daylight, and by someone working for the bank.
Read this story about an elderly lady who was taken for a ride also.

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Anonymous said...

Walking into a bank is also like walking into an insurance company, where there are booby traps every where. What are the booby traps? The bobby traps are the incompetent, unqualified and predatory financial product salesmen who are disguised as financial consultants ever ready to pounce on you and rob you of your hard earned money.
Isn't it true? Are they there to help you? Don't be fooled. They are there to sell and rob you with rotten useless insurance products that benefit them and their boss, the company.
If these salesmen and their company really care about you, about your financial life, they should make sure they are properly qualified to add value and honest. No...they have only dogs and cats can pass certificates called SinFast(CMFAS) exams. Are they financial experts? Think again before you let these conmen examine your financial health and prescribe you toxic and poisonous products.

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