Monday, November 23, 2015

Investment in Agarwood

Mary (not her real name) called me. She was caught in an investment in agarwood. Together with other investors, they had lodged a report with the police that they have been cheated. After 9 months, the police did not take any action. There was no progress. 

One of the person involved in the agarwood company was previously the sales manager of a gold investment company that was also closed down. He had since moved to this new investment company. 

Due to this bad experience, Mary is now convinced the people involved in the agarwood company are professional cheats. They know that they can carry out these activities and the police will not stop them.

Some of the investors came from outside Singapore. They thought that it was safe to invest in Singapore, due to government control, but they are now disappointed. Our reputation is going down the drain.

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