Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What's Wrong #16 - Lodging a police report

Many years ago, it was possible for the public to lodge a police report at any police station on any crime or offence.

This procedure seemed to have changed in recent years. If the public goes to lodge a police report about some traffic matters, they are told to go to the Land Transport Authority. If the matter concerns the environment, they have to report to another agency.

I read a newspaper report that someone reported to the police about car racing in the early hours of the morning. The police directed him to the Land Transport Authority that is in charge of traffic matters. The LTA directed him to the environment agency as it is noise pollution. 

What's wrong?
Many people find this new practice to be confusing. They do not know where to make the report. I have heard anecdotes about people being directed from one place to another.

Most of the responsible agencies do not have a network of stations where the public can go to make a report. 

How to put it right
The police station should be the place to make the report. The report can be referred to the responsible agency for follow up. 

There is an added advantage. Under the law, a person will be committing an offence if he lodges a false report to the police. This law will make the public mindful about lodging a genuine report. This law may not be available to the other agencies. 

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