Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Like a gold rush


Read this article below about why people are joining the life insurance industry like GOLD RUSH. https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/…/ever-wondered-insurance-agen…

After reading the article I hope that the public will understand why graduates, doctors ,dentist, engineers and accountants, conmen and women join the industry. Is it because these people want to help you poor clueless people out there to make you rich, to have more money when you retire; to be adequately insured?

The answer is NO< NO NO. to make themselves rich and this is the industry where they can cheat you and con you LEGALLY without being noticed and caught. Why? their accomplice, the insurance companies need the money from you too to invest for their senior managers to have humongous salary. What about the regulator? (Rude remarks deleted)  they cannot see even when a crime is committed infront of them.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree there is gold mine in the life insurance industry and that is why it has attracted many unlikely people to join the industry. There has been a GOLD RUSH all these years. The public must be wary of these people. They didn't join to help you but to rob you, legally under the blind eyes of the regulator and with complicity of the insurance companies..
Beware, consumers!!! The insurance agents see only commission in you and not your financial well beings. They not only go for anything that walks on 2 legs , now they are targeting the 4 legged too. Anything, so long they can squeeze money out of you.
They are not to be trusted. They have no qualms ,even your brother or sister or your mother for that matter see you as money to be made. This is what the insurance agents see only.

Anonymous said...

" With complicity of the insurance companies" is very true. The companies will cover up for the misconducts of their insurance agents. If this is the case consumers must lodge with CASE or the regulator, MAS and definitely not the company(no use one). If possible sue them or write to the press to shame and expose the agents and the company.
Consumers must be proactive and don't feel helpless. It is your right, remember.

Anonymous said...

Hope MAS will wake up and clean up the industry of charlatans; from agents to the insurers.
Is the industry created for insurance agents and the insurance companies to plunder the public or to help the them? It looks like it is created for the insurance companies and their con salesmen and women to make a living at the expense of the public, no difference from drug traffickers .

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