Monday, December 07, 2015

Financial Planning for Young People - free copy

Financial Planning for Young People is my most popular e-book. It sells from $6 from my website (

You can win a FREE copy of this e-book by submitting your vote on 5 or more issues in the Wisdom of the Crowd website.

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Anonymous said...

Consumers who do not wish to be plundered by insurance agents and their company, do attend Mr. Tan's seminar on 9th Jan 2016. The price of the seminar is peanut compared to what you will lose to insurance agents. Don't waste your chance .
I am sure Mr. Tan will show how rotten all these insurance products are nowadays by tearing apart any of the whole life or endowment products to let you have a peek into the inside.

Anonymous said...

Read this article below about why people are joining the life insurance industry like GOLD RUSH.
After reading the article I hope that the public will understand why graduates, doctors ,dentist, engineers and accountants, conmen and women join the industry. Is it because these people want to help you poor clueless people out there to make you rich, to have more money when you retire; to be adequately insured? The answer is NO< NO NO.
to make themselves rich and this is the industry where they can cheat you and con you LEGALLY without being noticed and caught. Why? their accomplice, the insurance companies need the money from you too to invest for their senior managers to have humongous salary. What about the regulator? it has its head always buried in the shit and they smell shit when it comes to enforcement; they cannot see even when a crime is committed infront of them. So? you consumers, better wake up and you are alone and being raped and nobody is coming to help you.
But here is MR. Tan, willing to educate you for a small fee to save from the evils around you. So, please , do attend and protect yourself from these insurance agents and their companies and the so called regulator.

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