Friday, March 04, 2016

A terrible survey form

I have often been invited to participate in a survey. The survey is usually designed by a "professional" survey company and follows a "terrible" survey format. This format has:

a) Many pages
b) Over 100 detailed questions

I often give up after answering three pages with 30 questions. That is the limit of my tolerance.

Nowadays, I always decline any survey that is designed on this "terrible" format with many pages. If I see the survey organized in "pages", I will always conclude that it will have over 100 detailed questions.

The people who design these surveys live in their ivory tower. They think that the respondents have all the time and the patience to complete a "terrible" survey. They are likely to get incomplete or inaccurate answers after passing the 30th question. People are just too tied and fed up.

Some of the survey companies even engage telemarketers to call my mobile phone. I tell them that my mobile phone is on the "Do Not Call" register and they are breaking the law by calling me.

I will answer a survey if I can see all the questions in 1 page and the number of questions does not exceed 20.

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