Saturday, March 05, 2016

Our civil servants need to exercise common sense and take responsibility

The writer describes the difficulties that he faced in importing an electric car into Singapore.…

This is a reflection of the very depressing state of affairs in Singapore with the PAP government and its civil servants. The problems are:

a) Nobody wants to take the responsibility
b) They only know how to push the problem to another person, i.e. the EMA and VICOM
c) There is a total lack of common sense.

If LTA were properly run, the decision would be to register the car and see what happens. Does it break down? Does it cause any problem?


Anonymous said...

This is not something new. Stat boards like LTA, BCA, HDB, MOM, ICA, blah blah all the same. All very kiasi, pushes the responsibility to other departments or organizations and also go strictly by the book. What they dun realize is that rules are still written by human begins. Rules are dead, humans are alive.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan, nobody wants to take responsibility due to the risk averse nature of our society. How would you suggest that we change this? Thanks.

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