Thursday, March 03, 2016

Be prompt in giving a statement

In his ministerial statement to Parliament on the case of Benjamin Lim, the Minister for Home Affairs said

And we have refrained from commenting in detail, on the matter for two reasons:
i. One: Out of respect for Benjamin’s memory, and to protect the young girl as well.
ii. And two, because it would be inappropriate to discuss the facts in detail, which may be disputed, prior to the Coroner’s Inquiry (CI).

I do not accept the lame excuse from the minister. My reasons are:

a) It is possible to give a statement without stating the names of the boy and the girl who are involved.
b) The statement can be made based on the facts that are known at that time. If the facts are found to be wrong, they can be corrected. If the facts are not certain, the uncertainty could also be stated.

The delay in giving a statement does not help to stop the speculation from the public. Surely, our ministers and government know that it is counter productive to keep the public in the dark for so long?


Anonymous said...

Did it take 5 policemen to arrest a school boy?
Gosh!!!!why didn't they send a van load of them armed with AK14 to surround the school too?

Yujuan said...

To be stricken off camp activities immediately after Police questioning, the young boy took it as punishment, guilty as charged even before he's proven guilty, the school Discipline Master, is he sleeping well now. His decision was the last straw to drive a traumatic boy to suicide.
Fancy being taken alone to the Police station, without parents or a school rep for company must be very traumatic for a young boy.
And you have a Minister jumping to the defense of his Police Force,
who seems capable only dealing with easy soft targets, with the running away scene of our men in blue for dear life at the Little India riot, still fresh in mind.

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