Thursday, April 07, 2016

A better way to pass a message

Dear Mr. Tan

I am aghast at the NTUC placards at the counters stating "our staff are important to us too.....". The singapore way is to blame the citizens straight away. When I shop, I have not offended anyone so why must NTUC be so defensive and speak so definitively as if the customer is already wrong? Very poor EQ.

Thank you for your observation.
Some organizations (not just NTUC supermarkets) encounter customers who scold or abuse their front life staffs over issues that are beyond the control of the staffs. They put up these signs to stop the abuses.

These organizations should replace their current messages (which offend some of their customers) with a more effective message, such as "If you have any problems with our service, please call XXXXXXXx or email XXXXXXXXXXXX".

This provides a better avenue to the customers to give their feedback. They do not have to vent their anger on the front line staffs.

This sign at the Jakarta airport shows a better way to pass the message.

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