Saturday, April 09, 2016

Bernie Sanders out a daily message to his supporters

Sisters and Brothers -
The truth of what's happening in this election is that the American people understand that you cannot change a corrupt political system by taking its money.
Another truth is this: if America wants a president who will truly do everything in his or her power to dismantle our corrupt system of campaign finance, then we need a president who can get elected without the help of Wall Street, fossil fuel lobbyists, and the billionaire class.
Our campaign doesn't owe anything to big banks, to campaign bundlers, or to lobbyists. The only people to whom I am beholden is our political revolution. Let's keep it that way.
When I started this campaign, I had a choice: I could have a super PAC funded by millionaires and billionaires, or I could run for president without one. The political establishment dismissed us immediately. They thought it was impossible to win without money from the billionaire class.
They were wrong.
The bottom line is this: we've gotten this far with more than 6.6 million contributions from 2 million people, and we can win the White House that way too.
They keep saying what we're doing is impossible. Let's keep proving them wrong.
In solidarity,
Bernie SandersSSa

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