Thursday, April 07, 2016

Bernie Sanders appeal for contributions to fight in New York

Sisters and Brothers -
I want to talk about what we did last night: after starting in the polls in Wisconsin down more than 40 points, we finished the election with a HUGE margin of victory. We're also going to come away with a strong majority of the delegates.
We are on the path to the Democratic nomination for president. But I want to be clear: super PACs and the billionaire class want to block that path in the New York primary.
We very much expect an unbelievable amount of attacks and negativity over the next two weeksBut I also expect that if we all stand together, starting right now, we can come out of New York with another victory. That's why I have to ask you directly:
One of the first sentences I wrote to our supporters after we launched our campaign was something few people heeded:
People should not underestimate us.
They did underestimate us. They did not think it was possible for millions of people to come together and win 16 contests on our path to the presidency.
It would be a mistake to let up for even a minute. An impressive, unprecedented number of people have contributed to our campaign and helped us get this far. We cannot stop now.
We are only as successful as we are because more than 6.5 million times, people have contributed an average of $27 to our campaign. Now, with a huge battleground primary coming up in New York, we need you more than ever.
In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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