Sunday, April 03, 2016

Inconsiderate civil servants in the Ministry of Manpower

I received a few auto-generated e-mails from the Ministry of Manpower. It said "You have not logged into the MOM website for work passes for a long time. Log in now and check if there are mails wanting to be attended".

These civil servants must think that the small business owners have a lot of time to waste on their time-consuming processes. It takes several tens of minutes to log into the complicated website using multiple passwords and to navigate through their confusing links to reach the mails waiting for attention.

It would be simpler for them to send an email directly to the public on matters that need attention, rather than expect the public to search for their mails in their complicated websites.

If our ministers and senior civil servants continue their unproductive and wasteful practices, business owners will continue to find it difficult to survive the costly environment in Singapore.

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