Saturday, April 02, 2016

SingTel is inconsiderate and provide bad service to customers

ISSUE. I have an internet dongle provided by SingTel. I transferred the SIM card to my mobile hotspot. They asked me for the password, which I don't have. I called SingTel business care hotline to ask if my SIM card could be used for the hotspot and what the password is.

I find the voice response option to be very confusing. I do not know what button to press to speak to somebody. I had to call 3 times.

On my third attempt, they asked me for the telephone number that I am enquiring on. I do not know the number because it is on my internet dongle. So, they kicked me out of the system.

The people who designed SingTel call center process flow are inconsidrate. They make their customers waste so much time of the troublesome call center and still end up without the expected service. 

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