Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The appeal of Bernie Sander's messages

For a few decades, Americans were told that America is the land of opportunity, a country where they can pursue the American dream. They were told that socialism is bad for the pursuit of the American dream.

Many people believed this ideology.

They did not realize that they were working long hours for lower wages, and have to do two or three jobs just to meet ends meet. Jobs became more and more difficult to find, as they moved to low cost countries.

They still believed that one day they could be a billionaire, like a few who have made it.

Bernie Sanders campaign told them the truth, that they were working long hours just to get by and the nearly all of the new wealth went to the billionaires. He said that young people should not be punished by pursuing a college education, and start work with a large debt that they have to spend 20 years or more to pay back. He also said that jobs had to be created to allow youths to be employed.

Young people agree with the message from Bernie Sanders and support him in great numbers. More than 80% for for Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton. They turned out in large numbers of vote. They were energized and got other people to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders also said that health care should be a right for every citizen, and not a privilege. His universal health care plan provide that right and even save a few thousand dollars for working class families. For Americans who fear the high cost of health care, this is a message that touches their heart. They turned out in large numbers to support Bernie Sanders.

As Bernie Sander's message gets more known among the voters, thousands are coming forward to vote for him and to join his "revolution.

The momentum is with Bernie Sanders. The excitement is with Bernie Sanders. There is no turning back.

American will change and be more progressive. That is the code word for the brand of democratic socialism that is quite common in Europe. It will lead to a better world, a fairer world and a more peaceful world.

Many countries that had followed the American economic model, including Singapore, will have to change their model as well.

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