Saturday, April 02, 2016

Bernie Sander's campaign received record contributions in March

Thank you, sisters and brothers. I am overwhelmed and I am moved by the fact that in March alone, our campaign received more than 1.7 million individual contributions from working Americans, and that it was our most successful fundraising month of the campaign.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that so many people would come together in a way that is not only unprecedented, but is transforming American politics. Since we started building this political revolution together, we have received more than 6.5 million individual contributions. And do you know what our average contribution is?
Just $27.
What we are doing through our campaign is proving that you don’t have to go around begging Wall Street, fossil fuel lobbyists, and pharmaceutical executives for outrageous sums of money in order to run a winning campaign.
I am very proud of that fact. You should be as well.
And building this kind of broad-based, grassroots movement is important because this moment in our history requires transformational change that no candidate for president, not Bernie Sanders or anybody else, can achieve alone.
That is why we are building a political revolution that is bringing millions of people together. Working people who have given up on the political process. Blacks and whites, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, straight, gay and transgender, female and male, people who were born in America and people who immigrated here all joining with each other.
And what we are saying loudly and clearly at every volunteer event, every rally, and with every contribution is that we believe this government belongs to all of us, and not just a wealthy few campaign donors.
That is what this campaign is about.
That is the political revolution.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

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