Saturday, April 02, 2016

Mr. Tan: What do you think of Medishield Life?

Dear Mr. Tan
Personally as a citizen, it is a real failure to address the real medical needs of the people. On the one hand they want to take care of the people whilst on the other they want private insurers to make money that is why they still have limits and no pre and post hospital consultations/testings which could be costly.

Just wonder how much private insurers are making over the years.

If our G is really concerned shouldn't they totally take care and managed the healthcare system. It is really wasteful seeing 6 insurers and G resources which could easily be centralised as 1 central resouce to manage our own healthcare system.

To prevent abuse they could have a minimal deductible for B2 and below and if G hospitals cannot cope with appointments and hospital beds, G hospitals refer patients to private and they will be charged based on G rates. The private hospitals will than charged their rates back to the G hospitals. This will keep the G hospitals on their toes instead of now they simply say no beds its national issue, waiting time 3 months. Patients are forced to go to private because of this.

If medishield life is really simple to understand just like initially the PGP etc, why are they spending $m on TV and printed advertisements and all seems to focus on elderly/Prioneers telling them that their medical is taking care of. What about non pioneers who just stick to Medishield Life only?

Looks like this is another failure on the G part - getting the 'wrong' people in the committee.

What will you do if asked to come up with a National Healthcare System?

One large insurer is making a large profit on this class of business. The other two large insurers make a modest profit. Details can be read here:
I agree with your suggestion that the private hospitals should be allowed to treat patients at the same rates charged by public hospitals, and they can be given the same subsidy that the public hospitals get. This will expand the number of beds available to take care of more people that are now insured.

There are many changes that can be done to streamline and improve Medishield Life. They include the following:

a) Remove the deductible
b) Set the standard fees for treatment and cover them fully, instead of setting confusing limits

There are more items to be reviewed. I shall write them separately.

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