Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A nightmare to navigate the security protocols

Our wonderful government is so paranoid about security that they make it difficult for the public to use online services.

A year ago, they insisted that I change my Singpass password to a strong password with a strange combination of characters. Since then, I have never remembered my password. I had to write in down somewhere and search for the password each time that I want to use it. I cannot remember this strange password.

Now, they ask me to change my strong password.

They also ask me to register for a 2FA token. I am quite confused about whether I have to use a 2FA token device or to use a mobile phone verification.

What for? So, that I can submit my employee's CPF payment online. What is the risk? Why would a hacker want to mess up with my CPF contribution?

These steps to comply with government regulations are so troublesome and take so much of my time. And the complicated login and 2FA verification add to the nightmare.

This will bring our productivity down the drain.

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