Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bernie Sanders expect to do well in a few states with polls closing today

Sisters and Brothers -
The polls are about to close in five states, and we expect to do well in a number of them. As you watch the results, I want you to keep something very important in mind. We are running a historic campaign which is transforming America.
Any victories and any votes we receive tonightnext week in Indiana, and in each state moving forward are a public declaration of support for the values we share.
Our path to the nomination was never narrower than the day I announced my candidacy. I will not stop fighting for an America where no one who works 40 hours a week lives in poverty, where health care is a right for all Americans, where kids of all backgrounds can go to college without crushing debt, where there is no bank too big to fail, no banker too powerful to jail, and we've reclaimed our democracy from the billionaire class.
The political establishment wants us to go away so they can begin their march to the center. But we can send a message to them in a language they’re sure to understand:
When we started this campaign almost a year ago today, people called us "fringe." They said our ideas were too radical. But what we have done throughout this campaign is show that when people stand together we can take on a billionaire class and the candidates they fund. And the message you can send today, with your contribution, is that we are going to keep fighting.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

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