Wednesday, April 27, 2016

DBS Remittance Process is Poorly Designed

I use DBS online remittance system to send $1,000 to India monthly.

I was able to register the account number and other details of the payee. When I made the remittance, the system asked me to enter the mobile number, which is a mandatory field. I had to search for this number to complete the transaction. DBS should have allowed me to register the mobile number as well, if they require this information.

They asked me to break the mobile number into separate fields for the country code, area code and mobile number. The payee had given me a 11 digit number. I do not know how it is to be separated. I had to make a guess and break the number into 3 separate fields. To my chagrin, DBS joined the three fields into a 11 digit number. DBS should have allowed me to enter the 11 digit number directly.

The website asked me to state the amount in rupee to be transferred. They will the convert it into the dollars to be deducted from my account. I had to access another webpage for their exchange rate and calculate the rupee amount. They should have allowed me to enter the dollar amount and they can use their exchange rate to get the rupee amount to be transferred.

I get the impression that the people running DBS Bank are inconsiderate and give a lot of unnecessary trouble to their customers.

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