Thursday, April 14, 2016

Announce which side the door open on MRT trains

During my stay in Tokyo in February, I took the Yamanote Line on a few occasions.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a voice announcement in Japanese followed by English 
informing commuters about the name of the next station and whether the doors open on the
left or right side.

In the MRT in Singapore, there is a voice announcement in English only of the next station but
no announcement on which side the door will open. I often have to look at both sides of the train 
to decide on whether to move towards the left or the right side.

In some trains, there are displays to tell which side the doors will open, but there are no such 
display on other trains.

I hope that the management will update the voice announcement to include the opening of the door.

Our MRT system has been operating for 30 years already. We can learn from the experience in 
other cities on other ways to improve the ride for commuters.

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