Thursday, April 14, 2016

An irritating experience with Sing Tel

I posted a blog about my frustrating experience getting help from Sing Tel's hotline. Their poorly designed interactive voice response (IVR) flow irritated me.

Sing Tel send this e-mail to me a week later.

Dear Mr Tan
I hope you are well.
First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself as a representative of the Social Media Relations team in Singtel.
I would like to follow-up on your recent blog post of 2 April 2016, regarding your experience our servces. However, I understand the blog post has since been removed.
Nonetheless, do let us know if you still need assistance with your Singtel services. I would be more than happy to look into your concerns.
In the meantime, please email to if you have any questions on this matter. You may also reach me at 6801 4682 (DID) from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. I will be glad to assist.

Here is my reply
I have a Singtel SIM card in my dongle. I removed the SIM card to use it in my portable wifi.
I had trouble.
I called your hotline and had to waste a lot of time going through the complicated navigation in your IVR system.
I had to go through three times.
Finally, I got a message that your business care line operates only during office hours.
Your IVR system is frustrating to customers. Your "office hours only" service is bad.
I have since found the answer to my problem, but after spending a few frustrating hours with Sing Tel's poor service.
Thank you.

Like most organizations, Sing Tel continues to make life very difficult for their customers who has to go through their complicated IVR system.

It would be better if they get someone to take the call. If this person cannot find the solution, they can get an expert to look into the matter and call back the customer.

They should get away from their IVR navigation that is disliked by virtually all customers.

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Yujuan said...

Yeah, besides bad service, exactly on April 2nd, their outsourced contractor acted like a hooligan, instigating my neighbour to bully my partime, illiterate elderly maid to open my gate to allow him into my premises to check and service my neighbour's land phone connections, by pressing my doorbell repeatedly. For some reasons the gadget was installed over my side of the low divisional wall. Mind you, we the houseowners were not in that whole day.
Tresspassing into private property? Next time climb over into my garden when even my maid is also not in?
Already in Feb, our Internet was down for 5 days due to a lightning strike at their station, and we have an Internet business to run.
Blimey shit, this is the Singtel we have in Singapore.

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