Friday, April 15, 2016

Play back the route of your vehicle

An important feature of a vehicle tracking system is the ability to play back the route taken by a vehicle on a specific day in the recent past. This feature is called "play back".

For example, if you employ a driver, you want to know which route the driver takes on a previous day. If you own a fleet of vehicle, you will want to know the route taken by a specific vehicle on a previous day.

This is important if your vehicle is stolen and you want to know where the vehicle is located now, and what route was taken by the vehicle after it was stolen.

You can watch a demo of the play back for a specific vehicle on a selected day.

Go to
Click on [Demo] in the menu.
Select a date from the drop down list.
Watch the play back of the vehicle.

You will also want to know where the vehicle(s) are right now. This feature is called "live track". It is available in the Fleet application (but not shown in the Demo).

There are other features of the vehicle tracking system.

Enjoy the playback.

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