Friday, May 13, 2016

How to manage stress

Some people do a stressful job with overwhelming responsibilities, but they must learn how to manage the stress.

This applies not only to government ministers, but also to ordinary people who have demanding jobs.

I had a demanding job for most of my working career, but I do not feel stressed. Here are my tips.

a) Set manageable expectations. Distinguish between those that are "must do" and "nice to do".
b) Communicate the expectation and the progress with your boss and with the people who work with you.
c) If you encounter difficulty, share them with your boss and colleagues. You do not have to shoulder the burden on your own.
d) Do what you can. Do not worry about challenges that are too difficult.

Here is the biggest threat that you must avoid.
a) Do not allow your boss to give you unreasonable expectations and demands.
b) Do not over-stretch yourself to achieve what you think your boss expects from you. This over stretch is worse that the demand made by your boss.

All the best in handling your stress! Enjoy life!

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