Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Risk for Hillary Clinton in competing with Donald Trump

The polls shows Hillary Clinton to be marginally ahead of Donald Trump in a general election. But there is a real risk that this may change during the months of the campaign.

Donald Trump may be able to swing the votes against Hillary Clinton. He was able to achieve this task in the primary election against the other contenders in the Republican field.

The Democratic Party should be aware of this risk. They can nominate Bernie Sanders who has a better chance of beating Donald Trump in the general election. This is shown by nearly all of the polls.


Anonymous said...

Today the west needs tough talking President and not sissy, politically correct people to run the country and Trump fits this role. Trump will be the moat suitable person and he can make US great again and not bow to the demands
of destructive forces out there. Trump for president.

Anonymous said...

H Clinton is tainted goods-email scandals, Bengahzi, Syria, Pivot to Asia
Between the 2, Trump is the better devil

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