Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bus should display the sequential stop number

For each bus service, there is a guide showing all the stops for that service, starting from the terminus. The stops are numbered sequentially from 1, 2, 3 etc. Some services have 50 or more stops on the journey.

It is useful for the bus to display the sequential stop number when it arrived at each stop. This display should be in the bus and does not need to be shown at the bus stop (as the sequential number is different for each service). This digital display is easy and inexpensive to install.

I visited the eye center yesterday. An app told me to board service 190 at Bras Basah Road and to alight after 9 stops.

I had to count all the stops along the way.

If the bus has the display, I would have noted that I board at stop 15 (say) and should alight at stop 24. Better still, the app would have told me directly to alight at stop 24. I will know where to alight by looking at the display.  If the display shows a number smaller than 24, I know how many more stops to go. If it exceeds 24, I would know that I have already passed my stop.

When I returned home late at night, I was not able to recognize the stops along the way. I had a difficult time to know where to alight from the bus, even though I took the journey every day. It is difficult to see the stops and the houses along the road. A display would be most helpful.

I hope that the Land Transport Authority and the Transport Minister will pay attention to this matter and get the buses to install a display to show the sequential bus stop.


Anonymous said...

And worse if bus didn't stop at some stops. Commuters will lose count.

fairplay said...

Mr Tan, you have many good suggestions, but it is futile bringing up good suggestions if there is no system to ensure that authorities shows interest in public feedbacks.
This suggestion was brought up to LTA on 31/10/2012 and again through REACH to LTA on 29/4/2013. There was no response from LTA or anybody.
At a later date, I suggested the KM info from the card reader to be displayed at the BUS STOPPING panel, again, no reply, only auto-acknowledgement of the correspondence.
This is Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The PAP government spends millions to beautify or upgrade spaces and uses but never to upgrade user-friendliness and practicality. Taxpayers' monies spent not for taxpayers' benefit.

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