Monday, July 04, 2016

Gave up smoking after a heart attack

My Malaysian friend was a heavy smoker and had been smoking for many years. I met him on a few occasions at a client's office. When I needed to discuss a matter with him, he is often not available. I learned that he had went outside to have a smoke.

Recently, he could not attend the regular meeting. His boss attended on his behalf. His boss told me that my friend had a heart attack recently and had several heart bypass operations. He had to recuperate for a month at least.

My friend had an "open heart" surgery. This required the ribs covering his heart to be sawed off for the operation to be carried out. After that, the ribs had to be screwed back.

It seemed like a very painful procedure. I had suffered a few fractured ribs from a fall, so I could realize how painful it would have been.

My friend had since recovered and is back at work. He has given up smoking entirely.

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