Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Job Bank from MOM

Is the Job Bank operated by the Ministry of Manpower achieving its goal? Does it help workers to find jobs with local employers? Does it help the employers to find suitable locals for their jobs?

My experience has been disappointing. I have posted applications for software developers over the past three years.

Initially, I received applications from foreigners, even though I specified that I needed local employees.  In recent months, I did not get any response at all, not even from foreigners.

It is possible that our locals do not like software jobs. But, is the Job Bank helping the locals to find other jobs?

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Yujuan said...

We have difficulties before looking for software programmers, then we tried Eastern Europe sources, were surprised they are talented software developers there. We have 2 based in Ukraine, we just have to email over our requirements, and they are able to get job done without much supervision. Real talents really dun come to Singapore.
Over the years we have developed a healthy working relationship with them, based on trust and mutual respect, yet we have never met at all, no talk about politics, and at the height of the Ukraine/Russian War, they still worked with us, perhaps even from the Army camps, as they have conscription obligations to meet. Praise God they are still alive, still working with us.

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