Monday, July 04, 2016

Vote against the establishment

The decision by British voters to lead the European Union during the referendum was a vote against the establishment and the elites in power.

The voting results in Australia refelct a similar outcome - a vote against the etablishment.

In the November general election in America, we can also expect a similar results - a president Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton represents "the establishment". She will suffer a similar backlash.

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Yujuan said...

Voting against the Establishment is a vote against losing jobs to immigrants who are cheaper for bosses to employ, but are not better skilled than the locals, only more hard working.
The looming New Economy of Automation and Robotics Technology would put large numbers of workers out of jobs, in future no more factory jobs, no taxi drivers, etc. Robots would be the new workers, aided by machines.
Our Govt is not bodor, running out of bullets, as the LKY era of importing immigrants to work and propel economic growth can't work now, our only survival hope lies on latching onto this New Economy. Even Ubers are waiting to eliminate human drivers if self driving cars could take over.
Thus a small minority would be very rich Haves with maybe 98% Have Nots, simply there are no more jobs for the latter, thus a timebomb waiting to explode. Even the rise of ISIS is economic envy against rich Elites, political or private wise.
Having some agriculture lands would be the only hope for the havenots, we sliding back into the 18th century, grow food for survival.
Unless of course you have kampongs to balik to. Singaporeans? Maybe we could start investing in agri lands abroad as insurance. The Chinese have already started.
So dun sneer at Switzerland having a referendum to give each citizen a monthly living allowance, premature now, but a necessity in future, as even if you want to work hard, there would no jobs for you, your competitors are not immigrants, but non living beings.
So workers either short sighted or unwilling to accept reality are barking up the wrong tree by voting against Establishment. But then politicians are hapless too, how to start people, usually resistant to change, to accept and prepare for a brand New Economy.
So Singapore sama sama situation, our Govt also having nightmares, as having jobs for the lesser beings is foundation to political survival.

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