Friday, September 23, 2016

Transport concession for Workfare recipients

I saw this fare table at the bus stop. It has the adult fare, senior citizen fare and student fare. But what is WTCS fare?

The legend says that it is the Workfare Travel Concession Scheme.

Why do we need this special fare structure? It is wasteful to create many schemes. There is the cost of implementing the change in fare structure into a few thousand buses and train stations and issuing the WTCS cards.

A better approach is to give a higher benefit to the Workfare recipients and make them pay the ordinary adult fare.

We are penny wise and pound foolish. We spend large sums of money that are unnecessary and could be avoided.

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Yujuan said...

Maybe they want workfare recipients to apply the fare card, dun make things easy for you, like making lower classes apply personally for the various welfare schemes, dun apply, no automatic payouts, less payouts, less money spent. Just being seen to be big hearted is good enough.

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