Monday, September 19, 2016

Whistle blowing

The best weapon in the fight against terrorism and commercial fraud is whistle blowing. The authorities can make the best use of information from ordinary people who encounter the terrorists and fraudsters in the daily life and work.

We need an effective system for the information to be recorded, screened, evaluated and acted.

We also have to overcome two difficulties:

a) The reluctance of the whistle blower to come forward - as they stand the risk of reprisals.
b) An effective way to process the large volume of data and information that is generated, so that the authorities are not overwhelmed.

The current approach taken by the authorities do not address the root problems. As a result, whistle blowing has not been effective. We need a new approach.

If the people in charge are keen to explore a new approach, they can contact me.

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Yujuan said...

More commercial frauds are appearing, some people pointing fingers at the 2 casinos as the cause, with online betting of Govt approved Singapore Pools and Turf Club joining the vice. Can't beat the underground competition, may as well join them.
One local employee at a large listed Telecommunication Company found out her Dept Manager Boss, a foreigner, dipping fingers into her Dept's finances. Asked if she wanna whistle blow, she asked in what way would benefit her, she said it's too troublesome and time wasting, i.e., no benefits, (no rewards), dun want to waste her precious time.
Soon she left and join another listed Telly Company, letting off her former Boss to continue her vices.

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