Tuesday, October 25, 2016

An excellent hotel in Saville, Spain

I checked in at the Melia Lebreros Hotel in Seville. I congratulate their management for exercising common sense, which leads to highly productivity and excellent customer service.

My tour group comprised of over 40 people. We were checked into the hotel with no hassle and quite quickly.

They do not require to scan the passports of the hotel guests. Most hotels around the world still carry out this unproductive exercise. What is the purpose, other than to give unnecessary hassle and work?

Quite likely, there is an outdated regulation that compels hotels to do this mindless activity. But the management of this hotel must have found a way to avoid it.

I connected to the hotel wifi and found, to my surprise and delight, that no password is required. They save a lot of their staff time in providing the password and in helping guests to get connected. All of this unproductive work is avoided.

What is the risk? Will some unauthorised person tap into the wifi of the hotel? They have to get into the guest rooms or corridors in the upper floors. Only those with key cards could access these places anyway.

I salute the management of this hotel. I hope that our hotels in Singapore can learn from them to be improve staff productivity and provide excellent service to their guests.

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