Sunday, October 23, 2016

Terrible experience with Ryanair

I took Ryanair from London to Spain. It was the worst check-in experience in a few decades of flying.

I did not check in online. Usually, I check in at the counter in the airport.

They required me to go to customer service, where the staff is very slow. He told me that I have to pay GBP 90 for failing to check in online for two persons. He said that this was stated in the website.

I had no choice but to give in to this kind of extortion. I consider the penalty to be excessive. I wonder why the British regulator allows this kind of deplorable business practice.

After spending nearly an hour on this process, I had to check in my bags. There was a long queue.

Many of the passengers had various kinds of problems with the check-in process. They were travelling with young children. Maybe they were also not familiar with the unusual check-in process.

I will never take Ryanair again.


Yujuan said...

Guess Ryanair is a low cost airline.
Such airlines work on thin margins, and labour cost is expensive in Europe. No surprise they want online check in from passengers, asking a high service counter charge forces you to remember. The counter staff maybe an inexperienced partimer or on contract terms.
Even Premium Airlines are nudging online check-ins now, who knows they may charge you counter fee in future also.

Yujuan said...

We flew Tiger Air to Yangon, on departure day we checked in very early, then went about the airport eating and window shopping, got the departure time wrong. Yangon Tiger Air staff went about the whole airport searching for us. Boarding the plane everybody was staring daggers at us for delaying the whole plane.
People say Tiger Air service is lousy simply being only a Budget Airline, dun know whether it's the Mynamar's Staff that efficient and service orientated, or it's Tiger's service culture.
We also flew the country's domestic airlines, though at certain airports waited up to 5 hours to depart, but once the plane arrived, upon boarding it quickly took off within mins. Amazing efficiency, even watching the airport workers racing to stash our luggages into plane was an eye opener. We booked the domestic flights online, but only paid for them on arrival at Yangon International Airport with a Rep bearing placards of our names written in big letters to catch us.

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