Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pursue the right economic policies


Lee HL has been pursuing the "right strategy" for the past decade. It has led to
a) A large increase in population
b) Over crowding
c) Inadequate infrastructure and public services.
d) High cost of living
e) Unproductive work and wastefulness.
f) An uncompetitive economy

I don't think he has recognized the problems caused by his "right policies". I wonder how these same policies can make us competitive again.

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Yujuan said...

Situation here looks bleak, LKY's demise is only 2 short years, and already we see the desperation of this Govt struggling to hold up itself in the absence of the octogenarian. All the policies are seemingly wrong, most disturbing is siding the Yankies for the sake of TPP and upsetting the Asian Dragon.
No wonder half of our young has desire to immigrate, maybe they sense the sinking ship.
Lack of innovations are due to lack of freedom of expressions that crimps creativity under a climate of fear of doing the wrong things. Low productivity due to Companies having access to cheap foreign labour, and the long working hours. Govt too complacent, relying on Finance and real estate to up GDP contributions far too long. The Bio Medical sector has yet to translate into $ earnings.
The 20/20 vision is just a mirage. The helicopter promotions of 2 young inexperienced newbies to Ministerial positions dent our confidence further.

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