Friday, October 28, 2016

Waiting in queues

I had another bad experience with Ryan Air on my return from Madrid.

At the security checkpoint, the security officer did not allow one bag to be carried in. I had to check in the bag.

I went to the customer service. There was a queue. I asked the staff how to pay for the check-in bag. She asked me to go to the bag check- in counter. I had to wait in another long queue.

The bag check-in staff wrote a price of paper and asked me to pay at customer service (the same that I had approached at first). Another queue.

After payment, I had to go back to the bag check-in counter. Another queue.

The people who designed this system only consider how to reduce work for their staff.  They do not care about the inconvenience to the customer.

We also face a similar issue with our hospitals. We have to wait in long queues to register, see the nurse, see the doctor, to make payment and to book another appointment. We spend 80% of the time waiting in queues.

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