Monday, November 14, 2016

11 countries with the best human rights

This is the ranking based on the CIRI index. It measures the score on 15 indicators. CIRI are the initials of the two professors who created this index.

I will be finding out the ranking of Singapore on this index, but it is definitely outside of the top 11 countries.

The 11 countries with the highest ranking are all small countries. The top is Norway. Here are a short description of each country.

1 Norway
It can’t be said that Norway tops the list of the 11 countries with the best human rights ranking in the world, but it surely takes one of the winning places with a high score in the CIRI rankings.

2. San Marino
San Marino is a dwarf country in Europe which is known for its wealthy population and its low rates of crime and unemployment. To add to that, San Marino is also a notable upholder of human rights

3. Canada
Canada has been jokingly named the place with the most polite people in the world for a reason. There not only the state but also society respects people’s rights and proper treatment

4. Belgium
Aside from some of the best beers and chocolate, one more thing to love about Belgium is the freedom it gives its population. The country is highly culturally diversive and rich in cultural heritage.

5. Luxemburg
Luxembourg has long been known for its very high standard of living and its wealth. Now you also know that you can expect one of the most ethical treatments, were you to become a permanent resident.

6. Sweden
Denmark and Norway’s formal Scandinavian counterpart takes the sixth place in our list of the 11 countries with the best human right ranking in the world.

7. Finland
Finland is another (informally) Scandinavian country which excels in the areas of education, healthcare, civil right and freedom. What is more, it has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world.

8. Denmark
Denmark is another part of Scandinavia that is estimated to uphold human rights to a noticeably large extent. Aside from that, the country also offers a very progressive, high standard of living in general.

9. Iceland
Despite having the privilege to be righteously classified as being in “the middle of nowhere”, Iceland’s inhabitants at least receive some of the most ethical treatment in the world

10. New Zealand
The small island country of lush meadows and diverse culture has long been known as a home to some of the happiest people and now we see why.

11. Slovenia
The central European country of Slovenia takes the eleventh place in this list. Aside from being one of the most ethical countries in the world, Slovenia’s educational system is ranked as the twelfth best globally.

The CIRI Human Rights Dataset contains standards-based quantitative information on government respect for 15 internationally recognized human rights for 202 countries, annually from 1981-2011. It is designed for use by scholars and students who seek to test theories about the causes and consequences of human rights violations, as well as policy makers and analysts who seek to estimate the human rights effects of a wide variety of institutional changes and public policies including democratization, economic aid, military aid, structural adjustment, and humanitarian intervention.

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